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Let's make a difference

Furthering our cause is the most important goal of our organization. We seek to support, empower, and provide high quality resources to our community in a safe and secure environment. Our success isn’t measured in terms of wealth or profit margin, but by the value we provide to those we serve.

IOP Festival.jpg


For decades our IOP Dance Performance Workshop has been our most heavily booked project offering a highly engaging session designed to meet your community's specific needs, whether it be an intimate gathering or to engage the masses. 


We begin our session with an acknowledgement of country followed by an explanation of who we are and what we do, focusing on the importance of remembering the history of our First Nations people. Our artists will perform a captivating show for your audience then get them up to participate as a group in an interactive dance workshop. This project is ideal for:


Community Events


Youth Groups

Corporate Engagements



IOP | Dance Promo

IOP | First Peoples First St Kilda Festival

IOP Music Video.jpg


The Music Video Project is a creative process where your chosen group will be mentored to write, record and film their own video clip for presentation to their community. This is a project that gives them a voice to express what is prevalent for their communities at the time.

Our videos have been nominated and finalists of the National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMA's). Check out our winner of the NIMA's: 

IOP | Numbulwar, NT - Loud & Proud

IOP | Gunyangara, Yirrkala & Dhalinybuy, NT ft. Yirrmal - Sky Is The Limit

Education and health awareness can be delivered in a positive light while capturing the essence of each community. Here are a few of the campaigns we have worked on, but not limited to:

Smoking, Vaping & Anti-tobacco

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Truancy/Return to School Attendance Strategies

Reduce Abuse of Alcohol & 'Grog'

Domestic Violence & Community Safety

Sexual Health

Here's an example of a video made as part of a Mental Health Campaign aiming to address suicide awareness and prevention:

IOP | Gunbalanya, NT - Talk About Emotions

The following video was made as part of a Government Campaign to explore issues and concerns around the abuse of alcohol and 'sly grog':

IOP | Kowanyama, QLD - No Sly Grog & That's That

IOP Hip Hop Dust Up 2023.jpg


We are connecting with more and more communities each year offering highly engaging and meticulously tailored workshops in our week long projects.

The aim of this project is to engage and encourage youth to step up, build confidence and grow towards leadership in their communities. The power of this project is profound, the effects can be seen by the end of the week in the community concert where the youth step up on stage to perform what they have learnt for their family and friends.

Our week long project can be documented leaving you with a video resource.

IOP | Gunyangara & Dhalinybuy, NT

IOP | Ngaanyatjarra Lands, WA

IOP | VLOG Behind The Scenes



Every community has local people on the ground making a difference. They deserve to be recognised and have their voices heard.


You will have in-depth consultation/s with our IOP Production Team before we come out to work with your community having the locals star in their very own documentary. This project focuses on the personal stories of chosen individuals or the community as a whole.

IOP Face Painting.jpg


Our First Nations Face Painters will adorn your face or arm with earth based colours, that can represent the traditional ochre that is use. You can choose from symbols such as animal tracks, dot painting and the Aboriginal Flag to name a few.



Our Art Mural Project is a great way to have a permanent art piece to share with your community. We will guide you through the creative process to come up with a design for our artists to paint a customised mural.

This is a great project to engage your local artists and community giving them an opportunity to showcase their vision and skills.

IOP Song Writing_edited.jpg


We offer 3 Virtual Projects - Dance, Song Writing & Documentary.

Virtual Dance Project - delivers a pre-recorded video (ideally 20-30 mins) or a live virtual session (up to 45 mins), delivering an inspirational dance workshop to motivate our young people despite the difficulty of current times.

Song Writing Project - is a precursor to the Music Video Project. We focus on building confidence and expanding vocabulary leaving you with a fully written song ready to record.

Everyone Has A Story - documentary project focuses on our Indigenous artists following their personal stories. They take us on a journey highlighting their trials and tribulations as well as their achievements and discovery of what inspires them.

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