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Our Roots

Indigenous Outreach Projects, IOP, are a culturally diverse national collective with highly developed skills sharing a common goal. Focusing on showcasing our passion to connect with community, especially youth, engaging them through music and dance. 

Our projects have been running for over two decades in cities, regional and remote areas as a service provider. We continue to work with schools, health organisations, youth services, councils, shires, embassies, festivals and more. 

We are most heavily booked nationally for one week long projects and celebrations of NAIDOC, Reconciliation and Harmony Week to name a few.



Our Mission

IOP use the arts for change through the power of dance and music. We focus on delivering health and positive messages to youth and community.

Our crew will bring an exciting, interactive and fun element to your event, one week long project or extended tours. We focus on delivering our motto “no shame, be proud, respect” by encouraging a strong mind, body, spirit and culture. Our projects have been tried and tested as we have successfully engaged communities across the country and world.

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